Tiny Ideologies

Any artist working today must take into account two basic facts of contemporary life:

  1. Modern civilization is a web of received meanings, both psychic and physical.

    Its space is fragmented and its time is long, but finite.

    The materiality of its symbols and their meaning are particular, contingent and accessible to all.

    There is no truth in civilization, only relations of meaning between individual agents.

    Civilization’s mask of immutability is the threat of violence, its mask of permanence is consensus.

  2. The emotional integrity and the existential experience of an individual are unique, universal and eternal.

    There is no history in being present, no alternative meaning in being alive.

    The lived moment is not a property of space, and it is without a past or a future.

    Emotion is the only shared truth of all who exist in a single moment.

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Tiny Ideologies, P/TARP, 2017
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Ideoluzije, LUD Literatura, 2015

A collection of 14 short stories, written from 2005 to 2015.

From experiments with psychedelics and examinations of the origins of civilization to prescient accounts of the refugee crisis and responses to the great calamities and masterworks of humanity, through probing the limits of the once essential tradition of humanism, Tiny Ideologies are certain to make you question the assumptions of the modern world.