In/Half - a novel

European Union Prize For Literature
In/Tweeën, De Geus, 2017
Dutch translation cover
Na/Pol, Cankarjeva založba, 2013
First edition cover

Set on the global stage in a post-global future, In/Half tells the story of three characters, struggling to find meaning in a world where meaning is an impossibility, a vicious joke, a dangerous notion.

the individual crumbles
because he is not alone

Evan Z., an addict theatre director in future Tokyo, is staging a play and lamenting the loss of the love of his life.

family crumbles
because it is fuller without
than within

Kras Volk, a family patriarch and ex war minister, is celebrating his fiftieth birthday in the Slovenian part of what could nowadays be called Fortress Europe.

society crumbles
because it runs out of

Zoja, an anarchist poet, is getting ready to read at the Brooklyn festival Poetrylitics, attended by a motley crew of intellectuals, artists and madmen.

The Press on In/Half:

Belgian De Standaard's Book of the Week

4/5 Stars

De Standaard book review
“The madness of 2036
- a damn good writer at work.”

Profile in Bruzz

“The Future is Ticking”

Bruzz profile
“An overwhelming vision of the future forged from the great cacophony of tangible and virtual life.”